Oh hey,

My name is Jordan and I am a belly dancer based in Townsville, North Queensland. This unlikely patch of paradise hosts an incredible array of world class dancers and dance companies making it a perfect home for sun-loving me.

I have studied raqs sharqi, transnational fusion, group improvisation belly dance formats as well as undertaking a degree in contemporary dance at Central Queensland University. I have had the privilege of learning from Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez, Cara Griffin and the incredible ensemble at Dancenorth. Along with many a workshop and class with formidably vibrant and exciting teachers.

I have had the pleasure of collaboration on projects and performances with Scimitar Moon Belly Dance, The Blades Edge, Alex Salvador, Circus Alabanza, Kallidad, Masha’s Legacy and Bengras. I currently work for The Belly Dance Collective!

As a performer I like to find a sense of warmth and ease in movement to help bring an audience along for a ride that is entertaining, fun and somewhat relaxing. Life is hard, so why not feel better? As a teacher, I want to see every body on this planet up and wiggling their perfect bums. If you would like to help me with either of these passions, hit me up any time!

Warmest hugs,





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